Frequently Asked Questions


What is Picnyk?

Picnyk is an elegant, dedicated and secure tablet computer system that digitally connects Seniors to their family and friends. Seniors can easily, and fearlessly, participate in Picnyk video calls, view family photos/videos, make and receive phone calls, read and write texts, and more.

For which demographic is Picnyk best suited?

Picnyk works for a wide range of users. Its focus is on seniors who have little or no computer experience, but is perfectly suitable for other people who are intimidated by conventional computer technology, and/or are experiencing diminishing eyesight, motor skills, hearing, or cognition.

How does Picnyk differ from conventional tablets like Chromebook and iPad? Let us count the ways:

1. The Picnyk tablet is easy to use. It’s less confusing and anxiety-provoking for seniors as there are minimal buttons to select. Less techy Seniors are intimidated, afraid of getting lost down the ‘internet rabbit hole’ as on other devices. Once lost, they may be reluctant to ask family/friends to guide them back out safely and calmly. Enough times down that ‘rabbit hole’ and these devices become a trigger for anxiety, regarded with fear, and ultimately not used.

2. The family and friends’ photo-driven UI creates a friendly environment for the Senior.

3. No downloading, no usernames/passwords, no links, no settings, etc., for seniors to contend with. All information and content is pushed to the Senior’s tablet automatically, and is displayed with large buttons and text.


4. Family and friends populate the tablet with content, such as music, photos, games, that is familiar and comforting to their Senior. Other platforms use their own content library.


5. Subscription plan fees include local/long distance calls, unlike other tablet systems using cellular networks.


6. As email is confusing as well as an often used method to scam seniors, Picnyk provides text, phone and video chat communication options only.


7. Picnyk offers safe and easy entertainment options such as connecting favourite TV and Movie channels without having to download confusing passwords, links, play with settings, etc.


8. The Senior’s tablet comes housed in a sturdy case with an ergonomic handle for easy hand grip.


9. The Picnyk tablet is provided with a magnetic power cord connector eliminating the difficult task of connecting the power cord to the small dark receptor on the tablet.


10. Compared to other video chat platforms like Zoom, Picnyk is a breeze!


If parents or grandparents are already using a computer, what would Picnyk do for them?

The Picnyk system is intended for Seniors who aren't comfortable using technology but have family and friends who want to virtually connect with them, easily and safely. For those who have some tech skills, Picnyk gives their family/friends peace of mind knowing that their Senior won’t be getting dangerous spam messages and phone calls or phishing emails.

Aren't there free services like Zoom and Skype that digitally connect families?

Like all ‘free’ things in life, ‘free’ comes with a price. Typically, these platforms require participants to have a certain level of computer literacy which some Seniors find very distressing. Often, they are exposed to confusing advertising as well as privacy and security issues, a growing concern in institutional settings. The easy-to-use Picnyk system alleviates stress and anxiety, for both the senior and family/friends. By shielding the Senior from ‘dealing’ with confusing usernames, passwords, downloading apps, links, etc., a Picnyk video call is a simple one click process for Seniors to join on their tablet. The Picnyk system protects your loved ones by providing a secure, ad-free communications channel just for them.

How does Picnyk work?

The two-part Picnyk system consists of a cloud computing and networking services, which Group Members use to post content, and a dedicated Picnyk Seniors’ Tablet. A trusted friend or family member is designated as the Group Administrator.

Via the admin dashboard, Picnyk's Customer Joy Team will work with the Group Administrator to create and manage their Senior's Picnyk account and group permissions. Group Members go to their personal Picnyk dashboard via, on their devices to connect and contribute to their Senior's Picnyk experience. Video chats, phone calls, pictures, videos, texts, and other content show up instantaneously on the Senior’s Picnyk tablet.

What is needed to get started with Picnyk?

The Group Administrator and Group Members need online access to the Picnyk platform at to manage their accounts. Group Members must use the Group password found in their initial Picnyk invitation email sent to them by the Group Administrator.

In order to get the Picnyk tablet operational, it must first be connected to WiFi. Once the Picnyk Seniors’ Tablet is connected to WiFi, it will need to be paired with the active cloud account by entering the security code labelled on the back of the Seniors’ Tablet.

Why does the Picnyk tablet require Wifi?

WiFi is the best technology option to deliver the performance necessary for text, phone and video chat. Plus WiFi provides the benefit of international connectivity at no extra cost.

Where can I purchase Picnyk?

The Picnyk system is available on Search “seniors tablet”, Picnyk is typically #1 or #2 in this category.

What does the monthly subscription include?

On-going Cloud curated services which include:

a) Remote access to Picnyk customization features 

b) Live scheduled Canadian-based Picnyk Customer Joy support

c) Unlimited local and international phone/video chatting and texting

d) Photo and video hosting

e) Easy to connect entertainment options like TV, movie, and community events information

f) Access to easily contribute content geared to Senior’s interest without advertisements, pop-ups, spammers, etc.


Do we need two Picnyk tablets for family members to talk to their Senior?

No. Group Members will use any computer or mobile device and the appropriate web browser to connect or contribute to their Seniors tablet. Only the Senior needs the Picnyk tablet.

What is the role of the Group Administrator? How does this Administrator add Group members?

A trusted friend/family member is designated as the Group Administrator by the Senior’s family/friends. The main roles of the Administrator is to use the Picnyk Platform which is logged into at to add contacts to the Senior’s Picnyk tablet and to remotely add customised features to the tablet as the Senior becomes familiar with all the Picnyk features.

The Administrator goes to the Picnyk dashboard, which has a ‘GROUP’ section, and clicks on the ‘+’ sign. It takes only a few minutes to add a contact’s details - name, email, profile picture, city. It is essential that the Administrator ensures that all contact information is accurate and up to date. Contacts will automatically receive an email informing them they are now a Group Member of the Senior’s Picnyk group.

I got an invitation to join my Senior's Picnyk group. What do I do now?

When the Group Administrator added you to the Senior’s Picnyk group, you will have automatically received an email providing you with the following important information:

1. The Group Members username, which is the same as your email address.

2. Your temporary Picnyk Password

3. The Senior’s Picnyk tablet's direct phone number. (Add this number to your cell phone’s contact list in order to call and text to your Senior’s Picnyk tablet.)

Using this information, login to your groups Picnyk account via

You are now able to reset your password, host or schedule video calls, post photos and other content to contribute to your Senior’s tablet.

What kinds of devices can I or other group members use? Tablet? Phone? Laptop?

To phone, text or video chat with your Senior, you can use any device, including your regular mobile device. However, for managing your account, it is best to use a desktop or laptop to avoid the challenges that come with auto-responsive behavior.

Which browser should I use with the Picnyk platform?

For Windows group members must use current Chrome or Firefox browsers.

For Apple users must use current Safari or Firefox browsers.

I got an email telling me I have been invited to a scheduled Picnyk video call tomorrow. What do I do to join the call?

When you receive an email invite to join a video call, the date and time of the call will be in the subject line. The body of the email contains the video link which you click to join the Picnyk video call.

If it is being held immediately, click on the link.

If it is scheduled for a later date, save to your calendar so that the video link is preserved. You can return to the invite at the scheduled date and time, and click on the video link.

I still can't connect to a video call. What do I do?

If you are unable to connect to the scheduled video call, please check the internet connection. As well, confirm that you are using a compatible browser.


I can't hear one of the Group members on my Senior's Picnyk call. (Or they can't hear me) What can I do?

If you cannot hear anything from a Group Member, they may be muted on your device. If so, unmute their call by selecting their picture and ensuring the speaker icon shows that it is unmuted. By selecting your own picture, you can check if you are muted or not. As well, check your internet connectivity.


I want to schedule a video call with my Senior? How do I do this...step by step? How can I check that if I have entered the right time and date?

The Group Administrator or any Group Member can schedule a video Picnyk.

Step 1: Go to the Picnyk website, and login to your personal account

Step 2: Go to the dashboard and click  "Host A Video Picnyk".

Step 3: A popup will appear where you select the Group Members you want on the scheduled Picnyk video call.

Step 4:

       A) To start a video Picnyk right away, click "NOTIFY and START PICNYK NOW"               

            The selected Group Members will be notified to immediately join the video call.


       B) To schedule a Video Picnyk, click "SCHEDULE A VIDEO PICNYK"

       When the popup calendar appears, first select the date and time.

       Then click "SAVE DATE & NOTIFY GROUP" which automatically saves the date and time, and notifies those selected members. Notice the time, date and the names of the Group Members invited are listed.

How can I place a call or send a text to my Senior on their Picnyk tablet?

Group Members can call their Senior by using the assigned Picnyk tablet number. It is found in the initial invitation sent to them by the Group Administrator. It’s advised that this number be saved to the Group Member’s cell phone’s contact list. The Picnyk tablet will ring as a phone does.

As well, Group Members use this number to send texts to the Senior’s tablet. The Senior will receive an audio and visual notification indicating that a text has been received and by whom it was sent.

How do I share my photos with my Senior’s Picnyk tablet?

Group Members can share photos via their Picnyk dashboard. Photos uploaded are immediately mirrored onto the Senior’s tablet.

What happens if I have a problem with Picnyk?

Picnyk has trained staff in Canada that are ready to answer any of your questions via ‘Contact Us’ on the Picnyk website.

Can I send my Senior a Picnyk tablet as a gift?

Yes. The Picnyk system makes for an excellent gift for the ones you love! What better gift can you give than the gift of connecting Seniors to their family and friends. Remember, the Senior will likely need some assistance to connect to and setup.

Does the Picnyk Senior tablet have Passwords or User IDs for the Senior to remember?

The Picnyk tablet does not use passwords, phone keypad, email addresses, or User IDs that can confuse the senior.

Does the Senior need internet?


Does the Senior’s Picnyk tablet work while travelling?

The Picnyk tablet will work anywhere in the world once it is connected to WiFi.

How will the Senior know when a Picnyk Group Member is video calling?

The Picnyk tablet will ring. The Senior simply answers the call, similar to answering a phone. The camera and mic will be automatically activated.

How many people can be on a video call?

A video call can be scheduled for 9 people at once, not including the Senior. More than that, and the video call becomes overwhelming for the Senior.

Can the Senior send pictures from their tablet to their Picnyk group?

No. The Senior can only receive photos from the Group Members. Sending photos require the Senior to have some advanced technical skills.

Can the Senior make phone calls from their tablet?

Yes. The Senior can make direct phone calls but only to the Group Members that have been added to their Picnyk tablet by the Group Administrator.

Are there games or music on the Senior’s Picnyk tablet?

The Group Administrator will be able add games and music that the Senior enjoys.

Can headsets be used with the Senior’s Picnyk tablet?

Yes. Just plug and play.

How long does the battery last?

The Picnyk tablet will last between 1-3 days depending on how much it's used.

The battery is low. How does the Senior charge their Picnyk tablet?

Connect the magnetic charging cable to the tablet, similar to other devices. For continuous operation throughout the day, it is recommended that the Picnyk Senior’s Tablet be charged each night.

What type of security does the Picnyk use?

All communications between the tablet and the internet are encrypted. No phone numbers or email addresses are viewable on the Picnyk tablet.

Is the Picnyk Senior tablet safe?

The Picnyk tablet is a secure tablet computer. The bad guys can't get to it like they can a PC, laptop, or other small tablet. It is designed and built especially with Seniors in mind.

Will Seniors receive spam or telemarketer calls?

The Picnyk team has worked hard to ensure that Seniors will never get spam, pop-up ads or phone calls from a telemarketer or fraudsters when using the Picnyk tablet.

Does Picnyk replace an emergency call system?

No. Picnyk is not intended to be an emergency call system.

What happens if the internet connection is lost?

If the wireless connection to the Internet fails, Picnyk will stop working until WiFi connection is re-established. All messages received during downtime will be delivered immediately. In most cases the Picnyk Seniors’ Tablet will reconnect automatically.

My Senior wants to connect with another group. How can I make this happen?

The other group's Administrator has to be contacted and asked to add your Senior to their group.

Can Picnyk be used by two or more groups at the same time?

Not currently, but it’s in the works. Currently, each Picnyk tablet is paired with one specific account and Group.

In which languages is Picnyk available?

Currently, the Picnyk platform is available in English only. However, for the most part, Picnyk’s UI is icon driven and therefore universal.

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